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Founder Labs Week 0: If you thought the world were ending, what would you do?

Perhaps none of us would ever admit to believing in the proclaimed day of rapture, or perhaps the 14 of us who arrived on one of the rare sunny days of 2011 figured that it would be as good of a day as any to meet some new people and start a new company.

Personally, I arrived at 9:30 a little bleary eyed.  It was a Saturday morning after a particularly long flight with a botched connection from DFW.  It felt strangely similar to the first day at middle school, complete with my utter inability to find the entrance and a blanket of general awkwardness in the room. Thank goodness for coffee. 

Each of us came with an idea, some more thought out than others, and had unique backgrounds, both personally and professionally.  One of the nicest surprises was finding that there were 2 others outside of myself who had also been involved in social enterprise.  The only 2 things that any of us seem to have in common was a certain level of commitment to the program and a certain savviness about technology.  Oh yes, and that most people tried to come to the program with an open mind and no expectations.

Fast forward 2 days.  It’s now Monday morning, our precious day off, or for most of us, it’s… Monday morning, the start of yet another work week.  The 14 of us have spent close to a full 24 hours with each other.  It’s been a firehose of information, and a series of team exploration activities where within a few minutes of a time-pressured team activity, true personalities emerge, sometimes to the surprise of others. 

We have 5 weeks.  5 weeks to team up, iterate on our concepts, figure out the best ways of working together and apart, and to show something that is both close to our hearts and economically viable. 5 weeks to show off what we each bring to the table and how as a collective, we can all raise the bar. 5 weeks to see if perhaps, at the end of the 5 weeks, we can wave our day jobs goodbye and plunge into entrepreneurship full time.  Let’s see.  I’m certainly hopeful.

About the guest blogger: Mimi Hui is an entrepreneur and seasoned technology professional. Mimi is the founder of Canal Mercer, a consultancy focused on holistic product development to build systems and services to improve daily experiences.  She graduated with a BSEE from RPI, and an MA Design from Brunel.  You can follow her Twitter @CanalMercer

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